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Loving, Living, and Dying During COVID-19

In this grim time of COVID-19, another grim reminder. People are dying at home.

Health experts say they are seeing a jump in at-home death rates are there are two potential explanations. According to one report, people infected by the virus didn’t either seek treatment or  they were instructed to shelter in place. Another theory is, it’s possible that the at-home deaths reflects people dying from other ailments like heart attacks because they couldn’t get to a hospital or refused to go, fearful they’d contract COVID-19.

According to a New York Times article, those who are elderly in New York City, fear dying home alone is the second epidemic.

Someone who understands the fear is Jane Whitlock, a Death Doula. After her husband passed, she felt she lacked the resources she needed during his time of passing. She says she has since found them as a Death Doula. She compassionately shares from her personal experience about loss, fear and grief.

If you have questions, please call the Minnesota Death Collaborative at 1-888-351-8999.

Diana Pierce