Keren Etkin

A-I and Future Technology for Senior Health and Living

How is A-I and technology advancing our conversations and life tools for our seniors?

In a world of COVID-19, our senior communities have been hardest hit. While most of us are social distancing, which means we are saving lives, it creates numerous challenges, especially for our older population.

News reports show technology being commonly used to communicate with seniors on video chats using FaceTime or Zoom conferencing. When staying at home, many are now using high tech wearables to count steps and monitor blood pressure. According to AARP, 51 percent of older Americans say they bought some tech product in the past year, with the most common item being a smartphone, followed by a computer or laptop.

However, how many seniors are truly comfortable using the latest technology?

We look into the future and find out with Keren Etkin, a Gerontechnologist. She lives in Israel and we talk about Zoom (while being connected on Zoom), telemedicine, and a device that turns our tv into something like an “Alexa.”

Diana Pierce