As an exercise leader here in the Twin Cities for over 20 years, and always hopeful for local media confirmation of the power of exercise to improve lives, I’ve been impressed by one outstanding local TV news anchor for her inspiring promotion of exercise for better health and happier lives. That’s Diana Pierce. Diana’s frequent encouragement to viewers’ active pursuit of health/fitness has helped many of us to keep up our own exercise, as well as help us to help others to join us in walking, running, and more. I’ve seen Diana out and about at so many community run/walk events over the years. Every time I see her, Diana is encouraging others around her to enjoy every step. Now I’m looking forward to enjoying her new health/fitness web site which will continue to reach and encourage more of us to keep up our activities with a view to enjoying life all the more. Personally, I take added encouragement with every step I take with my advancing arthritis challenges because friends like Diana say with a smile, “You’re doing great…keep it up”. Thanks to Diana for her genuine love of exercise and sharing that love with others. Go Diana Pierce!

From Gary Westlund
Pres., Charities Challenge
St. Paul, MN