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March 20, 2017
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Why thinking you have all the answers could lead to a loss of valuable collaboration.

-By Diana Pierce-

Why thinking you have all the answers could lead to a loss of valuable collaboration.

Reporting has always been a business of collaboration between the source and the journalist. As a 30 plus-year veteran, almost all of my story ideas came from a viewer or a contact collaboration. Even my former newsroom was constructed to be an open hub of collaboration with the assignment desk in the center and the desks of the producers, reporters, photographers, and anchors all fanned out around it like spokes on a bicycle wheel. It was designed to have us all working together to move the story “forward.”

Collaboration is also imperative in mentoring. It establishes rapport with those who want help in moving their career forward. Instead of the “boss knows best” mentality, listening, inspiring, and motivating is what moves sports teams or your team to the next level.

Pam Borton, President of Pam Borton Partners and the winningest coach at the U of M in women’s basketball history, recently shared her coaching and mentoring philosophy with me.

“We all have a responsibility to train and teach the next generation. We all need to understand that succession and development training is how we “pay it forward” to the next generation,” according to Pam.

Her tip on collaboration is simple-

“Teaching and sharing will always be a two-way conversation. The millennial generation has different experiences from you and we can all learn from each other.” Pam added, “Mentees learn and think differently. They will have new music and new language. Learning from each other is what makes us all better.”

If you are a mentor, how will you collaborate with your mentee?

Collaboration is the key element as businesses look to capitalize on their “good to great” journey.

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