Mentor Monday – Stop the Cycle of “Can’t recruit/Can’t retain”

Mentor Monday- Reverse Mentoring. Why you need to start now if your company isn’t doing it.
April 10, 2017

-By Diana Pierce-

Not too long ago, I had a brief conversation with friend who’s a top sales manager in the broadcast industry. He was having a frustrating day. He told me, “I’m having a hard time recruiting new employees. Months go by while I look for the right person to fill a position. Then, once we fill that position, after a year, they leave. I don’t get it.” He’s not alone in his frustration. However, he might need to look at his hiring and retention process through a millennial filter.

According to research by the Gallup organization, Millennials are not engaged at work. Gallup found that around 75% are either “not engaged or actively disengaged” in their work. Gallup also found that about 50% are looking for other opportunities and don’t plan to be with their company next year.

Pollsters say Millennials are “indifferent.” But this isn’t a case of being a slacker. Once in the position, Millennials might not see a career path to get excited about. Gallup says Millennials don’t necessarily want to leave a job but they also don’t see they have compelling reasons to stay.

Here are the top 5 things Millennials say they want from a new job –

  1. They want an opportunity to learn and grow
  2. They want a quality manager
  3. They want quality management
  4. They want an interest in the type of work they do
  5. They want opportunity for advancement

Notice- what they are paid is not in the top five considerations of what they want at work. Also, when Baby Boomers were interviewed for this survey, their answers were almost the same as Millennials.

So how do companies attract and retain quality workers? They have to make their company a more attractive choice than their competitors.

One company, Dayta Marketing  that specializes in digital marketing service and social media management has mostly Millennials on their staff. They have a company values statement that all employees have contributed to. The company makes a point of coaching and mentoring. They also make a point of teaching what is expected at each position and hold all accountable for completing their tasks. One senior advisor told me they don’t micro-manage, as that isn’t a way to advance and grow an employee.

One thing they use in-house is called Slack, an online intranet program, where they can send directed conversations, or team messages, and have a direct feedback loop when customer relations or other concerns come up. Slack offers a few tiers of service but you can also sample for free. Slack works well for Dayta Marketing especially when they need to address a system’s wide concern. Is Dayta’s method of addressing Millennials needs directly working? I don’t have their numbers but their Director of Operations says they have added additional workers every year for the past three years tripling their staff.

So, what are you doing to reach out or retain your employees? Send me a note – [email protected] I’d love to hear about your successes and what you’re doing to engage your workers.



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