Mentor Monday- Surefire topics to get (and keep) your mentor conversation going

5 tips for those 50-plus that want to look for what’s next in their life
March 20, 2017

Getting your conversation started

-By Diana Pierce-

According to Forbes Magazine, 2017 is the year to get serious about mentoring programs. Employees are nervous and worried about their financial future, changing health care benefits, and changing interest rates, just to name of few of the anxieties.

With a mentoring program in place, you will be able to address both the frustrations and reinforce the best reasons to be with your business. Current mentoring programs aren’t like the ones of days past. First, Millennials tend to have multiple mentors; some are older managers, but they also have peer mentors or sometimes life coaches. Second, mentorship goes both ways with the rise of reverse mentoring. Boomers and Gen Xers need to both embrace reverse mentoring to be a great mentors for Millennials.

To get the conversation started, here are some sure fire topics for both mentors and mentees.


  1. What leadership development or training is the mentee interested in?


  1. When managing conflict within the office or unit- what skills or procedures does the mentee need to know?


  1. What people would the mentee like to meet to enhance their social “capital?”


  1. What are the best practices in managing office politics or gossip?


  1. What type(s) of technology training do they need to advance?


Leaders who help their employees do better and appreciate the differences each one brings to the table, while creating an open, honest, and participatory environment will have the best chance of keeping high-performing employees on the job while bringing about their full potential.



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